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About Us

Kurunegala Plantations Limited


Kurunegala Plantations Limited (KPL), incorporated in 1992, is fully Government Owned Company, re-registered under the Companies Act No. 07 of 2007. The Company was established by vesting lands managed by the Janatha Estates Development Board in terms of the provisions of the Conversion of Corporations and Government Owned Business Undertakings into Public Companies Act No. 23 of 1987 promulgated under the State Privatization Policy.

The Company operates as a single shareholder company with the Secretary to the General Treasury of Sri Lanka as the Golden Shareholder. The registered office of the company is located at No. 80, Dambulla Road, Kurunegala.


To be the model Plantation and Agribusiness management Company in the South East Asian Region.


To manage the Plantation and other Agribusiness Productively, Profitably and sustainably through
effectively harnessing natural, physical and human resources in an Environment-Friendly and Socially
Responsible manner to the benefit of all stakeholders and the country at large.

A Message from The Chairman


Ms. K.G.G.F. Jenat Jayawardena



Kurunegala Plantations Limited (KPL) strives to be the model plantation and agribusiness management company in the South East Asian Region. In fulfilling this vision, KPL relentlessly continues to manage its plantations and other agribusinesses productively, profitability and sustainably through harnessing its natural, physical and human resources to the optimum. While doing so, KPL adheres to the fundamental principles of environmental sustainability and social responsibility in benefiting all stakeholders of the company and the country at large.

We believe in building an honest, qualified and committed workforce who are focused on quality, productivity, entrepreneurship, value creation, profitability, eco friendliness and corporate social responsibility. In empowering our staff, we have taken two-fold approach; firstly, we have provided financial benefits to our employees including performance-based incentives and non-financial benefits such as better housing and other facilities.

KPL looks to the future with confidence and optimism considering its ability to withstand adversity. In further enhancing the profitability of the company, KPL continue to explore every possible avenue to add value to its products, including the prospect of creating end products such as organic coconut oils. Besides, KPL strive to venture on eco-tourism projects as another income generation prospect. In the long run, KPL endeavor to continue in the same path focusing on further development of the diversification program through extending it to a wider land area. In doing so, KPL wishes to explore the possibility of public-private
partnership initiatives in surpassing the bottlenecks described above.

In conclusion, I wish to thank all our stakeholders for the trust and confidence placed in our company. I look forward to your continued patronage in the years ahead.


A Message from The CEO


Dr. S.M.M. Samarakoon


Warmly welcome to the Kurunegala Plantations Limited (KPL)

We are a government-owned coconut based highly diversified plantation management company under the purview of the Ministry of Plantation Industries in the coconut
triangle of Sri Lanka and operating for more than 30 years. KPL has grown and evolved into a highly diversified plantations management company and has shown outstanding performance and innovation in all seven area estates.

The strength of KPL is its rich diversity of lands situated in a commercial area with fertile soil covering the dry zone and wet zone. Our vibrant connection to value addition to our primary produce and catering, especially for the local market delivers high-quality healthy products to the local consumers in island wide.

Our strength is to provide high-quality coconut, rubber, fruits, and spices for direct consumption and value-added projects. We have a close tie with coconut-related institutions such as the Department of Export Agriculture, Department of Agriculture, and Local Universities for the exchange of our knowledge.

Join us in exploring Kurunegala Plantations Limited.

Directors & Senior Management


The Kurunegala Plantations Limited Directors  

Senior Management

The Kurunegala Plantations Limited Senior Management committee comprises the CEO, senior managers and the area superintendents